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HR Key Services & Presentations


  • HR Audits: Customized to your organization, our audits ensure records are accurate, properly maintained, and help you identify problems before they arise or escalate.


  • HR Department Studies   We’ll assist with a hands-on study of your current organization nd help you to carve out HR related functions to build or enhance your optimal Human Resources Department or Human Resources functional areas within your organization.  We can help you to optimize your HR service levels, no matter how challenging your budget or space constraints. Allow HR Key to unlock your HR potential.


  • HR Consulting  On call (hourly) and Ongoing (flat rate monthly) Human Resources, Labor Relations consulting to fit your needs.

  • Job Descriptions: We provide analysis and interviews to identify work performed by employees. We then develop ADA and FLSA compliant job descriptions that accurately describe the work performed, customized to the culture and environment of your workplace. 

  • Workplace Culture & Climate Surveys: We develop surveys designed to assess your work environment to alleviate potential workplace issues and improve morale.

  • Policy Development & Training: We review current policies and develop recommended policies in accordance with best practices. We also provide follow up training for compliance and adoption policies. 

  • Employee Handbooks: We review and develop employee handbooks, personnel policies, and by-laws in accordance with Human Resources best practices. 

  • Organizational Studies: We review systems, processes,

      and staffing for a department or entire organization. 


  • Workplace Investigations: We provide confidential and legally compliant workplace investigations on highly sensitive workplace situations. 

  • Conflict Resolution: We engage in communication and mediation process between parties to resolve differences and create a strategy for improved communication and operational effectiveness. 

  • MCAD Certified Anti-Harassment & Discrimination Training: We provide engaging and effective mandatory training on harassment and discrimination prevention for employees, supervisors, and managers. 

  • Performance Counseling and Management Coaching: We deliver coaching, performance improvement plans, and training for supervisors on effectively evaluating employee performance.

  • Classification / Compensation Strategy: We identify and categorize positions to the appropriate job classifications and ensure employees are properly compensated based on internal and external benchmarking and the organization's compensation strategy. 

  • Hearing Officer: We provide objective and professional services as a hearing officer in matters of employment.


HR Key Seminars and Presentations: 

Presentations on a variety of Human Resources topics providing tools and tips to a variety of municipal managers and professional networking organizations:

  • MMMA Suffolk Municipal Finance Seminar 

  • Massachusetts Collectors and Treasurers Association

  • Massachusetts Municipal Human Resources Association

  • Massachusetts Municipal Managers Association

  • Cape Cod Human Resources Association

  • Massachusetts Municipal Personnel Association

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